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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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[No. 5J
SYNTENG DIALBCT,                                       (DISTRICT, KHASI AND JAINTIA HILLS.)
(TJKiri Dikhetr, 1900.)
Em       u-wi     u-bru     u-ha     em       ar        ngut        ki-kbon     shynransf.
There-was    one     a*man    who      had      two    persons      children        male.
Te       u-ba      s'diah        ong    u     lia        u-pa         u,       *pas          e       noli
Then      who    youngest      said    h     to      father      his,   ' father >    give     away
i-bliah.       o      kat        iba    toll    ia   ngae       Te      bbah       u        ia       ki
the'portion   my whatever  what falls    to    me.      Then divided     he       to     them
kat          i-ba        era     i   Jong   u.       Yni   bun      sngi     nai'te     u-te     ti-ba
whatever    what       was    the   of   him.     Not many     days    thence     that      who
s'diali       lam         lang      u   i    jong   u   barob,     kat        ba     em,    lai   wot
youngest  gathered  togelher   lie the   of   him   all,   whatever there   was, went  off
u   slia   iwi   i-shnong       i-ba       fngai:   lici'te   pyn-lut   u        kat      i-ba   em
"he   to    one     village  whicb-(wa&)   far:     there    wasted  he   whatever what   was
i     jong      u      ba    i-leh        sarong.      Mynda     lut     barob         kat        ba
U       of     him      in    doing      proudly.       When     spent       all     whatever  there
em,     te        poi     u-snern   ba'sih.     Hei'te     da         dub        u.      ISTei'te      lai
was,    then     came    a-year     bad.       Then     being     in-want    he.      Then    went
ia-soh        u         ba     u-wi      ti-tre-slmong           i-te        i-tbaw;          te       pbab
join        he       with     one            citizen             of-ihat      place;         then       sent
u       u     u-lai   sbare     sniang    sha     lum.         Te       kwab         u    u-pyn-dap
he     Um    to-go   tend       pigs       to    hills.       Then      desired       he       to-fill
ia-u-kypob.       u         da-u-skop        u-ba        jub        bam       ki-sniang;           te
the-Wg       his       with-hutk        which     usually       ate         the-pigs;           then
ym     em        ba     e     ia    TI,     Te   ynda   kbyrniat      jong-bru     u   ong   u,
not there-was   thai give   to him.   Then when returned  consciousness he  said he,
*katnu        ngut      ki       sbakri       u-pa           o      ki-ba     ioh      pura     i-ja
'how-many    persons   the     servants   the-father    mine    who      get   enough    rice
be   i-batam.    Nga   te     sa        lap    tbyngan,     U         mihnoh        6     u       lai
and the-overt      I then  shall      die     hungry.     Witt   gQ*ut(*tari)   I   will   go
6   sba    u-pa     iob      u    Oag   6    ha    u,         "Pa,    nga    da    leh     pap    6
I   mil father   that   will   say   I    to    him,   "Father,    I    have done    sin    I
ia       me     be-i         ia      i-bynein;   ym    hoi       de       u kbut    mi    ia-nga
*namt  thee and-atso against    heaven;    not    fit any-more to   call    thou     me